Print Services

At Solomons Gallery we offer same day walk-in canvas and metal printing for the general public.

Commission Photography & Commercial Print Services Available. 


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Metal Printing

Our metal printed images come in both white and clear metal. The white metal brings the full color spectrum of your images to life in HD quality, while the clear metal allows us to make interesting use of the lighter shades of your image. This allows the reflective quality of the metal to give it a much more holographic feel. By using this chemical process we infuse your image INTO the metal, not just onto the surface, thus creating a scratch-resistant and more long-lasting product.

Our metal printing is available in many sizes all at economical values. Prices remain the same whether you choose the white or clear metal.

  • 5x7 = $28 20x30 = $138

  • 8x10 = $35 24x30 = $155

  • 10x10 = $40 24x36 = $195

  • 12x12 = $50 30x40 = $250

  • 11x14 = $54 36x36 = $275

  • 12x18 = $70 60x40 = $525

  • 16x20 = $86

  • 20x24 = $113

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Metal Murals

Our Metal Murals can be made virtually any size. The most popular ones are made of 12” x 12” Metal Panels, but other sizes are available. Murals can be made on either white or clear metal panels. These panels are available at a charge of $50 per panel.

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Three Panel Metal with Hemp Rope Hanger

This elegant metal selection can truly make your room come alive. Splitting your image up on multiple pieces of metal, regardless of size allows you to fill your space appropriately and fashionably. This can be done with pieces as small as 5x7 and as large as 60x40.

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Metal Hanging and Display Options

We have many different options for displaying your metal piece. From a simple easel back stand, or floater block to a custom made starter bar to hang your piece, we can personalize a look that will properly display your new piece of art.


Canvas Printing

Our canvas printing services can be surprisingly affordable and in most cases completed while you wait. We’ll sit down with you and show you the quality of your image at the resolution with which you’d like to print. If it’s looking good, we’ll print your image on canvas, create your custom stretcher bars, stretch the canvas and have you on your way within an hour. We have 3/4” bars or 1 1/2” bars available depending on your needs. The 3/4” bars are generally for an image you’d like to put in a frame, while the 1 1/2” size would be for display without a frame. We will use a mirroring technique (demonstrated on the image to the left) when wrapping your image so that you won’t lose any of your picture.

Here are several of the most popular sizes of canvas printing. While the sizes listed here are just a reference, the canvas can be printed in virtually any size. If the size you’re looking for is not listed here, please speak with us and we’ll get you the price for your custom piece. It should be noted that any pieces larger than 36” on any side will have a center support to keep the piece strong and the canvas tightly wrapped.

  • 8x10 = $31.50 20x30 = $87.50

  • 8x12 = $35 24x30 = $94.50

  • 10x10 = $35 24x36 = $120

  • 12x12 = $42 48x18 = $130.50

  • 11x14 = $43.75 30x40 = $137.50

  • 12x18 = $52.50 36x36 = $141

  • 16x20 = $63 36x48 = $162

  • 20x24 = $77


Digitizing Services

We have the capability to scan your photos, as well as slides and even negative film into a digital format. We offer scanning services for $5 per item.

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Digital Image Restoration and Editing

We can smooth out any image degradation and edit your photos to enhance color saturation. This along with many other techniques can breathe new life into your precious memories. From the addition of text to full service restoration, these services are available from $10 - $25.